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Security News

The latest news on cyber security, network security, software vulnerabilities, data leaks, malware, and viruses
  • Linkable and traceable anonymous authentication with fine-grained access control
    19 April 2024
    Anonymous authentication plays a crucial role in privacy-focused applications, and it is used for authenticating a user's identity in a privacy-preserving way. If enough privacy is provided, malicious users may misuse privacy. Accountability is necessary to avoid abusing anonymity. Previous anonymous authentication schemes can not hold the basic requirements of public linking and tracing while further ensuring access control simultaneously.
  • UK police say they disrupted cyber fraud network that stole personal data from thousands
    18 April 2024
    A website that allowed international cyber fraudsters to trick up to 70,000 British victims into revealing personal information such as bank account details and passwords has been infiltrated and disrupted, London police said Thursday.
  • Russian 'cyber sabotage' a global threat: Security firm
    18 April 2024
    A cyber group with links to Russian military intelligence is set to become a significant global threat after playing an increasing critical role in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, a leading cybersecurity firm warned Wednesday.
  • Colorado law protects brain data captured by gadgets
    18 April 2024
    Colorado on Wednesday expanded its privacy law to include brain data gathered by the booming array of gadgets people use for feedback about sleep, fitness, sports, and lifestyle.