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Security News

The latest news on cyber security, network security, software vulnerabilities, data leaks, malware, and viruses
  • Information-hiding camera: Optical technology conceals data in plain sight
    13 June 2024
    Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have developed an innovative information-hiding camera to optically transform and conceal input images into ordinary-looking patterns, providing a powerful solution for visual information security. The work is published in the journal Science Advances.
  • Privacy-enhancing browser extensions fail to meet user needs, new study finds
    12 June 2024
    Popular web browser extensions designed to protect user privacy and block online ads are falling short, according to NYU Tandon School of Engineering researchers, who are proposing new measurement methodologies to better uncover and quantify these shortcomings.
  • Using GPT-4 with HPTSA method to autonomously hack zero-day security flaws
    12 June 2024
    A team of computer scientists at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has found that hacking zero-day security flaws using the hierarchical planning with task-specific agents (HPTSA) method is far more efficient than using individual agents. The group has published a paper on the arXiv preprint server describing their attempts to use LLMs like GPT-4 to find vulnerabilities in websites.
  • New quantum random number generator achieves 2 Gbit/s speed
    11 June 2024
    The reliable generation of random numbers has become a central component of information and communications technology. In fact, random number generators, algorithms or devices that can produce random sequences of numbers, are now helping to secure communications between different devices, produce statistical samples, and for various other applications.