Alarm Remote

Alarm Remote enables users of the Hills Reliance/NX alarm system to control their alarm system remotely using a simple phone interface to control features such as arming and disarming as well as advanced features such as output control and walk test mode. Android and iOS versions of the application have been released and are available for purchase using the links above.

Alarm Remote Features:
Full and Partial Arm, View System History, System Errors
Multiple Systems, Siren Test, Walk Test, Control Outputs

Alarm Remote - v1.7 User Manual
Alarm Remote - Flyer

Common Questions

1. Errors when configuring ComNav

Its a common problem to receive errors on you're ComNav while trying to update information on the ComNav in newer versions of browser software. To get around this bug you can use a portable (no installation required) version of the Firefox browser available for download from FirefoxPortableLegacy36_3.6.28_English.paf.exe

2. Changing Alarm Areas

To change between areas 1 to 8 on Alarm Remote, simply swipe left or right on the arm/disarm screen to swipe through the areas to control.

3. Port Forwarding

Need some help port forwarding for you're ComNav, try the link below...

If you still have difficulties port forwarding you're router, please contact us and we will assist in providing instructions for your router type.